Dublin pub hits back at negative review of ‘ugly burgers’

Dublin pub hits back at negative review of ‘ugly burgers’

A Dublin pub has responded to a negative review online that criticised their “ugly burgers”.

The staff and management at Whelan’s on Wexford Street were shocked to hear that a customer had been unimpressed with their food – because they don’t serve food.

Dublin pub hits back at negative review of ‘ugly burgers’

The negative review had been posted on Google and simply read: “Ugly small burgers, blah.”

The team at Whelan’s received a notification about their latest review and went online to see what it said.

Of course, they were bemused and frustrated that the reputation of their establishment was being damaged, and with such an unfair comment too.

So, they hit back in style by replying with the following message: “The chef will be devastated. Oh wait! We don’t have one. Or serve food. We do serve booze. Maybe he was seeing things. Ugly small things.”

Dublin Live spoke to the bar staff at Whelan’s who described the review as “just another day in the mad house”.

They joked: “Google Business notifies us of any reviews on Google. Anything below a three star and the bat phone goes off in head office.”

The staff had one more jab at the negative reviewer, when they posted a picture of a box of King crisps with the caption: “This week’s menu has just been delivered.”

In the modern world of online reviews and social influencers, it is not unusual for bars or restaurants to hit back if they feel they have been treated unfairly.

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