Liam Gallagher takes home his favourite Irish treat

Liam Gallagher takes home his favourite Irish treat

Rock legend Liam Gallagher celebrated his “biblical” concert in Cork by taking home a box of Irish favourite Taytos in his private jet.

The former Oasis frontman performed at the rebel county’s Irish Independent Park on Sunday and even a few drops of rain could not dampen the spirits of the crowd.

Gallagher tweeted his thanks to his Irish fans, joking that it takes more than some rain to spoil their fun.

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He also tweeted a picture from inside his private jet, showing he had taken a box of the Irish crisps home. Gallagher added the caption: “WHAT A BELTER LG X”

The Gallagher brother Liam and Noel shot to stardom in the 1990s as Oasis. They have both cemented their status as legends in the music business, and now continue their careers as solo artists.

Their parents were originally from Co Mayo, before they moved to Manchester where the brothers were raised.

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