Irish voted the least sexy people in the world

Irish voted the least sexy people in the world

The Irish have been named the least sexy people in the world by readers of the Big 7 Travel Guide.

When the travel site polled their readers, they asked them to pick the sexiest countries out of 50 options.

Much to our shock, the Irish came in last place. It’s certainly a change of pace as we have become rather used to finishing near the top of lists like this.

Perhaps we’ve let our previous success in the sexy stakes get to our heads and allowed ourselves to become complacent.

The big 7 guide said: “Not even Jamie Dornan or Cillian Murphy could save the Irish from getting voted the least sexy nation in the world.”

The ten least sexy nations in the world:

10th. Welsh
9th. Pakistani
8th. Lebanese
7th. German
6th. American
5th. Norwegian
4th. Slovenian
3rd. Belgian
2nd. Croatian
1st. Irish

To make matters even worse, our friends from across the Irish Sea made it into the top ten. The English finished ninth in the list, just two places behind the Italians.

They’ll never let us live it down.

The top ten sexiest nations in the world:

10th. Canadian
9th. English
8th. Armenian
7th. Italian
6th. South African
5th. Australian
4th. Brazilian
3rd. Filipino
2nd. Danish
1st. Ukrainian

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcalling