Noel Gallagher speaks about his Irish mammy

Noel Gallagher speaks about his relationship with his Irish mammy

Noel Gallagher has spoken about his relationship with his Irish mammy and one of the regular topics of conversation he has with her.
The Oasis legend was appearing on Andy Bush’s show on Absolute Radio. The pair talked about ageing, as Noel recently celebrated his 50th birthday.

During the interview, Gallagher spoke about his mother, Peggy, who originally comes from Co Mayo. He told Bush that she is obsessed with telling him about people who have died.

He said: “She’ll call me up and say, ‘wait ’til I tell you, do you know Gerard who used to live next door? You do – he went out with Janine.’
“‘You do remember her – she worked in the Spar – you do, she had a little f**king white dog. Wasn’t he called Bimbo and didn’t he used to run amok in the garden!’
“I don’t remember any of this, and it would go on for ages to the point you’d just go, ‘Oh yes! Yes, Gerard’.
“‘Didn’t he die,’ [she’d say] and that’d be the point of the story – ‘didn’t he die’.
“Oh well, it was nice talking to you mum – give us a call if anyone else passes away on the close.”
Gallagher mentioned that fellow Manchester music legend Johnny Marr has the same family background.
He said: “Johnny Marr’s got the same family make up as me. An old age pensioner Irish mum. He said to me one night ‘do your kids think that your mam is f***ing mental?’ and I’m like ‘yes they do’.”
When asked whether he would take his mammy to see him at Dublin’s Croke Park stadium when he supports U2, Gallagher said: “I don’t know where that story’s come from. I think she might have put that out there hoping to get a ticket. I said to her ‘it’s sold out mum, I’ll see if Bono can help you out’.”
Take a look at the video below.

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcalling