Superstar Justin Bieber claims to be 60% Irish

Justin Bieber

Canadian superstar Justin Bieber has claimed to be ‘60% Irish’ in a recent social media post.

It comes after the 25-year-old’s father Jeremy was pictured alongside Irish UFC star Conor McGregor with a bottle of the fighter’s Proper No. Twelve whiskey.

Justin Bieber

The ‘Love Yourself’ star posted the photo to Instagram Stories with a revelation about his Irish roots.

Justin Bieber on Instagram

He said: “Just found out I’m like 60 percent Irish. Shout out Ireland.”

McGregor replied: “Justin is a top young man! Training hard on the McGregor Fast program also.

“Real excited to see the results and hear his latest music this summer.

“Thank you Justin Bieber and father Jeremy Bieber! The Irish runs deep with the Bieber’s. Shoutout my young bro Johner Bieber also.”

Bieber and McGregor have been friends for some time and the singer is currently putting himself through McGregor’s fast training programme.

He also had some kind words for McGregor when the Irishman found himself in hot water after throwing a metal trolley through the window of UFC rival Khabib Nurmagomedov’s bus.

Follow the incident, Bieber said: “He will be fine, we all make mistakes.”

Bieber last performed in Ireland two years ago and he enjoyed his spare time by heading to O’Donoghue’s – the pub famous for hosting legendary shows by Irish artists such as the Dubliners and Christy Moore.

He enjoyed O’Donoghue’s so much that he told stories of his time there to people back home in Canada.

Canadian barman Dale McDermott told that was the topic of conversation when he met the superstar.

McDermott  said: “We talked about Ireland and he said he had a great time and that the pints in O’Donoghue’s pub were delicious.”

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