Irish ice cream parlour introduces extraordinary ‘pasta ice cream’

'Pasta ice cream' by Fantastic Flavours Ice-Cream Parlour

An Irish ice cream parlour has come up with a novel (and slightly bamboozling) way to serve its delicious desserts – in the form of pasta.

It is the dessert we at Ireland Calling never knew we needed in our lives until now.

Fantastic Flavours Ice-Cream Parlour in Cork creates hand made artisan desserts and is full of creative minds always on the lookout for a bit of inspiration.

'Pasta ice cream' by Fantastic Flavours Ice-Cream Parlour

It has won various awards thanks to the creativity of the team including the Dessert Outlet of the Year at the Food Awards Ireland and the Best Artisan Ice Cream in Ireland.

They decided to look outwards to some of the great countries in the world of food with their latest creation taking inspiration from Italy, China and Germany.

The store’s latest ice cream dish, called Tutti Pasta Vanuli, uses vanilla ice cream, raspberry sauce and crushed meringue to re-imagine noodles, ragu and parmesan cheese.

Parlour owner Michael O’Hurley told “Ice Cream has been around for a couple thousand years. Trying to find new ways to make it exciting is difficult. We took a page from the Chinese, who invented noodles, the Italians, who created ragu, and the Germans, who perfected cheese.

“Being an artisan ice cream maker, we then decided to make the noodles from vanilla ice cream, ragu from raspberry sauce and the Parmesan from crushed meringue and voila! Fantastic Flavours Tutti Pasta Vanuli was born.”

It sounds delicious and while it may look a little odd, the intricacy is certainly impressive. We’re sure we could get used to the savoury look pretty quickly.

Take a look at the video below.

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Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcalling