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Stunning ‘Map of Ireland’ will take your breath away

Stunning 'Map of Ireland' will take your breath away

The talented artist at Bealtaine Fire have created a wonderful ‘Map of Ireland’ that is packed with detailed illustrations of some of our most famous landmarks and sites. The brilliant image is available in two sizes, and would make a fantastic gift for someone this Christmas, or be the perfect …

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Belfast’s latest Glass of Thrones stained-glass installation celebrates House Targaryen

Targaryen Glass

The latest ‘Glass of Thrones’ window in Belfast’s fan trail series has been revealed. This time it is House Targaryen that see their most popular exploits captured in fiery colours. A fourth giant freestanding installation in the colourful new Game of Thrones® fan trail has been fitted outside Belfast’s biggest …

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Pope Francis introduces law that obliges clergy to report child abuse or cover ups

Pope Francis

Pope Francis has introduced a new law that states that members of the clergy must report cases of child abuse and cover ups. Up until now reporting allegations had been left to the discretion of church officials. The papal decree is titled ‘Vos Estis Lux Mundi’ – which means You …

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Irish hotel owner hits out at 2019 ‘outrage culture’ – and receives a furious backlash

Paul Stenson, owner of the White Moose Café

An Irish hotel owner hit out at the modern outrage culture in a ‘satirical’ social media post – and received a furious backlash. Paul Stenson, who owns Dublin’s White Moose Café, said that he was introducing a new policy that would see him put a ‘tax’ on customers who bring …

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Red Hot calendar on the lookout for hunky gingers for 2020 edition

Red Hot calendar

Red headed men could be about to get plenty of attention thanks to a calendar from a leading company. While gingers have often had fun poked at them, Red Hot calendar aims to redress the balance by producing calendars featuring hunky ginger men. They decided it was high time the …

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Take a look inside this stunning mansion built by Irish bacon magnate

A mansion in Co Tipperary that was once the home of Irish rasher baron Abraham Denny has been put on the market for €2.2m Waterford man Henry Denny invented the bacon rasher in 1820 by mastering radically new bacon-curing techniques. It was an invention that would make him extremely wealthy …

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Superstar Justin Bieber claims to be 60% Irish

Justin Bieber

Canadian superstar Justin Bieber has claimed to be ‘60% Irish’ in a recent social media post. It comes after the 25-year-old’s father Jeremy was pictured alongside Irish UFC star Conor McGregor with a bottle of the fighter’s Proper No. Twelve whiskey. The ‘Love Yourself’ star posted the photo to Instagram …

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TV chef Darina Allen cooks a wonderful Irish feast for American hosts

Darina Allen

Irish chef Darina Allen appeared on American TV to show the hosts of CBS This Morning how to make Irish stew And we have to say the classic dish has never looked better. Allen is known as the ‘Julia Child of Ireland’ and is the founder of world class Ballymaloe …

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Adorable Irish toddler performs Irish dance at a funeral

Toddler Irish dances at funeral

An adorable Irish toddler delighted her family members when she danced an Irish jig at a funeral. She seemed for too good for a two-year-old and could possibly be a star in the making in years to come. The video was taken in a hotel following a funeral and went …

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