Did the Irish reach America before Columbus?

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  1. Taff says:

    just another st Patrick’s story, lets all get on the bandwagon “ my g.great grandfather was from ireland, so i must be, even though my g. great grandmother was french! Pick and choose!!

  2. Patrick Kavanagh says:

    I once read an article that cited a Saga told by a Viking who was blown of course while sailing from Iceland to Ireland. He says after many weeks at sea he made land on a continent that was very hot and populated by tribes who were very hostile to him and would have killed him had another tribe not come to his rescue. He says this tribe were fair skinned and had red and blond hair with blue eyes. He also states that he was able to communicate with them through a form of Irish Gaelic they spoke. He says in his Saga they were called “Irelande et milka”? Also, it has since been proved by DNA that tall blond and red haired Irish with blues eyes from the northern counties of Ulster, had settled in New Zealand several hundred years prior to the arrival of the Moari. The descendants of these Irish are still alive and well in New Zealand today. Please check these articles out on the internet.

  3. Frank Rafferty says:

    I would know, for a fact, that this was true if only i was out of my mind on drink and drugs, or just simply insane..thank you for this very informative research.

  4. Louie says:

    Interesting,I could so believe that…

  5. Dee says:

    This first article says absolutely nothing about North or South America, it is all to do with the Med and Euro origins and artifacts. The second article speaks of a few artifacts which could very easily have been plunder from a viking raid. It does not speak of any type of architectural evidence as has been found with the remains of Viking long houses in Nova Scotia and points southward. That would be similar to someone blaming me for a murder because a gun was dropped in my yard. Further evidence required.

  6. Michael says:

    My family go back to the 10th century in Ireland, we were swords smiths armor’rs. Does anyone know what kind of arms they used? Did they use flint knife’s, flint arrow tip’s, or did they have any blades forged from metal’s. If so i have illustration of weapons in Ireland used at the same time period.

  7. Galileo Cuevas says:

    Well, I´m a mexican junior-high student and I´m pretty interested on the culture of my countrie and worldwide cultures as well since I was younger.

    Since today, I have noted a lot of things which are similar between Celtic and Scandinavian cultures to the prehispanic cultures. Actually, in Mexico, there have been a lot of studies about this topic because in lots of deppictions and descriptions of the god Quetzalcoatl (which means ‘feathered serpent’) he has been seen in the Earth as a blond or red haired man and he was a great leader.

    Both were associated to the idea that Vikings or Celts discovered America before Columbus.
    Before this day I just knew about Vikings theory due to the prehispanic belief and about a canadian tribe, but this article gave me a new perspective.

    ¡Muchas gracias! Thank you a lot! Go raibh maith agat!

  8. Natalie Cooney says:

    The MIkmaki people of Cape Breton Island in Canada east coast have in their traditional stores that an Irish monk came near 500 AD You can contact Indigenous Studies department and speak to Stephen Augustine he is a knowledge keeper and will give you more info and the name of the monk…

  9. Kevin Dean McDonough says:

    This is a great piece of information. Will share with everyone!

  10. In The Vinland Sagas (c. 1010 AD), there are two Irish/Scottish slaves on the ship when both Thorvald Eiriksson and Thorfinn Karlsefni venture to North America. The two slaves show the Norse the way to Vinland. More at: https://lavalhallalujah.wordpress.com

  11. Anastacia Byrne-Reed says:

    Seems there are a lot of plausible theories for the Irish making it to the new world early on. And why not? The Irish aren’t unfamiliar with the sea, they’re on an island for cryin out loud!!

  12. Anne Marie Shea says:

    I really enjoyed that story
    as I had never heard this before ..so I SHARED it

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