Irishwoman puts her husband for sale on auction site

Linda and John McAlister
Linda and John McAlister (image: Facebook)

An Irishwoman put her husband up for sale on the auction site Trade Me after he left her at home with the kids to on a fishing trip during the school holidays.

She managed to attract bids of around €63 before the ad was taken down for breaching the site’s terms.

Linda McAlister described her husband John as ‘decent breeding, 6’1, 37 years old and a beef farmer’. She added that he was a ‘shootin’, and fishin’ sort of fellow’ and that perspective buyers should know his fishing trip was not unusual for him.

Linda and John McAlister
Linda and John McAlister (image: Facebook)

John has had a number of previous owners but Linda said he would remain loyal as long as he was kept fed and hydrated.

However, Linda also warned potential buyers: “Over hydration may lead to some unsavoury consequences… videos available on request.”

The subject of hydration certainly seems important to the McAlisters.

When one potential buyer asked about John’s vices, Linda replied: “Extremely fond of lengthy pasture and or weather conversations; generally of a Friday evening, involving a sturdy focus on hydration.

“Also suffers from socks-on-the-floor-itus, which I have found to be contagious to younger models and unfortunately reoccurring.”

The couple live in Rangitikei, New Zealand, having moved there after getting married in Ireland in 2019.

John didn’t know his wife had put him up for sale until his mates alerted him to the auction.

Linda told Stuff that her husband saw the funny side and that he was ‘laughing at the whole thing’.

She said at the time: “He was sure he would fetch a pretty penny… he is avidly watching the ad to prove said theory.”

He didn’t do too badly. The listing receiving 12 bids with the highest reaching $100, which is worth around €63.

Unfortunately, Trade Me removed the ad so John will never know how much he could have fetched and Linda won’t get her money.

Ultimately, it seems John may have learned his lesson.

When asked if he had any advice for other husbands who were considering going fishing and leaving their wives to look after the kids, he simply said: “Watch yourselves.”


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