Irish sisters revolutionise tanning industry with bath bomb that removes fake tan

Irish sisters launch bath bomb that removes fake tan

Three Irish sisters could have revolutionised the fake tan industry with their incredible new invention.

Belfast ladies Lynsey Bennet, Leah White and Sarah White have created a bath bomb that gets rid of fake tan.

Irish people are notoriously pale skinned, and Ireland is the second biggest market in the world for fake tan.

Irish sisters launch bath bomb that removes fake tan

Many people feel more confident heading out on the town when they have bronzed their skin but they also know in the back of their minds it will be hell to remove later.

It seems that such worries could soon be a thing of the past thanks to the Belfast sisters.

They have set up a business – Lusso Tan – with their ground-breaking product sure to feel like a godsend to women all over Ireland – and plenty of guys too.

All they will need to do is get into a lovely hot bath and let the bomb work its magic as the fake tan dissolves.

Lusso Tan posted on its Instagram page: “Not only does it remove your tan, but it also nourishes your skin!

“Usually, tan removers can be quite harsh on the skin.. Our Bath bombs are jam-packed with natural essential oils that will enhance your senses, leave your skin tan free, feeling velvety smooth & hydrated.”

For more information, visit the Lusso Tan website.