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Folk duo sings Thin Lizzy songs on street as tribute to rock legends

Irish folk duo Hudson Taylor paid tribute to the legendary band Thin Lizzy by busking on the streets of Dublin and playing some of their most famous songs.

Hudson Taylor performed the Thin Lizzy cover set to mark the 50th anniversary of the rock band being formed. They set up directly in front of the Phil Lynott statue in the centre of Dublin.

Folk duo sings Thin Lizzy songs on street as tribute to rock legends

Hudson Taylor are made up of Dublin brothers Alfie and Harry Hudson-Taylor. They have performed all around the world and worked alongside superstar musicians including Bastille, George Ezra and Hozier.

Lead vocalist Alfie laughed: “We grew up listening to Thin Lizzy and played some of their amazing tunes here, on the street and made a bit of money off them, so say nothing.

“We’re here calling for other buskers and street performers around Ireland to play some Thin Lizzy songs.”

Alfie then spoke about the influence Thin Lizzy had on him as an aspiring musician. He said: “I have a relationship with Phil and I’ve never met him, I think lyrically, the way he sings, the way he brings you into his songs, I feel like I know him.”

Harry added: “The music of Thin Lizzy had a huge influence on me and I would say lots of people in Ireland and probably all around the world.

“They had such a unique sound because it was the rock’n’roll of the ‘70s but they have like a real soul element, a real swagger to the whole thing.

The brothers then agreed the best way to describe Thin Lizzy was that they had “a groove” before summarising Phil Lynott as the “The Prince of Dublin I suppose you’d call him.”

Take a look at the short clip and interview of Hudson Taylor performing on the streets of Dublin.

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