Irish fans enjoying the craic in France

Irish fans enjoying the craic in France

Ireland’s fans are having the time of their life at the European Championships.

They are famous for their great spirit and vocal support whenever the team qualifies for a major tournament and this year is no different as thousands of the green army enjoy the craic in France.

Irish fans enjoying the craic in France

There have been numerous videos uploaded online that display the Irish fans, singing, dancing, cheering and even stripping in the streets of Paris.

The side’s opening game of the tournament was against Sweden and the fans of both countries were happily mixing and having a great time.

This video from Paddy McKenna of shows fans from Ireland and Sweden dancing and singing together to the classic Abba song Dancing Queen.

Here is another video this time with an Irish fan stripping on top of a van. Just to warn you, yes, he does strip off fully!

This one sees the Irish fans doing the rock-the-boat and one of them crowdsurfing along the line.

One of the funniest episodes took place outside The Harp Bar on Boulevard de Clichy in Paris. The resident of one the apartments above the bar stepped out on to his balcony to view the reveller below, and immediately became the focus of their celebrations.

The Irish fans cheered to him like he was a hero and then booed when he went back inside, excitedly waiting for him to re-emerge. Take a look at the fun below.

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