15 different Irish accents in five minutes

Actor Richie Stephens performs 15 Irish accents in five minutes

The Irish accent is regularly voted one of the most popular in the world by people in other countries – but there are several variations of it and peoples’ accents are different all over the country.
An Irish actor has created a video that takes viewers on a virtual tour of Ireland by simply speaking into a phone in a variety of different accents. Each accent representing a person from a different part of Ireland.

The video was made by Richie Stephens who comes from Co Cavan but now lives in LA, California.
Actor Richie Stephens performs 15 Irish accents in five minutes
Stephens is an actor in America and has worked on movies, TV series and commercials. He first got into acting at the age of ten and later he attended the National University of Ireland, Maynooth to study for a Bachelor of Arts.
His video sees him put his skills on show as he performs 15 different Irish accents including Kerry, Belfast, Cork and both the north side and south side of Dublin.
The speech in the video is peppered with the sort of strong language that may seem shocking to people outside of Ireland but is actually pretty familiar to most Irish people.

List of accents featured in the video

Dublin (North side)
Dublin (South side)
Irish Traveller (Gypsy)
Cork City
West Cork
Stephens certainly showed off his acting skills as he got into character for each of the accents he performed.
Take a look at the video below. (Warning – contains very strong language)