Irish dancers stun train passengers with unexpected show

Flash mob of Irish dancers stun train passengers

A small group of women delighted commuters on a train by performing an unexpected Irish dance routine in the middle of the carriage.
There have been dozens of Irish dance flash mobs treating passersby to a surprise performances in recent years.Flash mob of Irish dancers stun train passengers
They are often sponsored by companies looking to promote their brand and can have large production funds behind them.
This time though, it was a flash mob of Irish dancing in its purest form, a group of fun performers wanting to entertain an unsuspecting audience.
The performance took part in Perth, Australia on a train. It seemed to be an ordinary journey for the passengers until some music started playing and the women lined up in the centre of the carriage.
They began hopping and stepping in time with the music in what was clearly a well-rehearsed routine.
The performance lasted a little over a minute but by the end the passengers were clapping along and cheering with the dancers.
One commuter recorded the unexpected show, and the video was published online to the delight of Irish dance fans around the world.
Take a look at the short film below.