Irish internet stars appear on the Ellen Show

Irish internet superstars appear on the Ellen Show

It was a very special St Patrick’s Day for the two Irish musicians who went viral after performing a flawless medley of Adele songs.
Glenn Murphy and Ronan Scolard first came to the public attention when they uploaded their first video – which featured them performing Adele songs such as Someone Like You, Turning Tables, All I Ask, Hello and When We Were Young.
The combination of their fantastic talent and laid back attitude struck a chord with the online public who were only too happy to click the share button as the video was seen all over the world.
Irish internet superstars appear on the Ellen Show
Adele noticed the video and happened to be performing a huge concert in Dublin later in the week. When she found out that Murphy and Scolard were attending she made sure she invited them onstage to perform.
But that wasn’t the end of the journey. The lads then flew over to America where they appeared on the Ellen Show to talk to US chat queen Ellen DeGeneres about their experience.
They spoke about how it felt to perform in front of such a large crowd, which included Irish stars Bono, the Edge, Colin Farrell and Hozier.
Ellen then gave them a cheeky gift to show how much she loves Ireland.
The interview ended with another performance from the lads, who this time played a medley of Someone Like You and When We Were Young.
Take a look at the video below.

Take a look at their original performance.

Take a look at the lads onstage with Adele.