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Irish choir mistress delighted with flirty audition

The choir mistress who Simon Cowell called ‘cute’ on Britain’s Got Talent has said she is delighted the music mogul flirted with her as it gives her act an extra bit of publicity.

Veronica McCarron led her all girl Irish choir on to the British talent show and explained that she knew ‘Simon loved Welsh choirs so they had come to present an Irish choir’.Irish choir mistress delighted with flirty audition

Cowell responded by telling Veronica he liked her glasses and that she looked ‘cute’.

The flirting became a talking point after the audition and Veronica is delighted it has raised the profile of her act.

She said: “I think Simon is fantastic, he is an extremely charming man. I was so nervous on the day that I didn’t even hear everything he said to me, watching it on television I could see things that I don’t remember him saying.

“I’m delighted that what he said has given us a little profile and it’s all over Facebook and Twitter and YouTube now.

“We performed at Croke Park on Sunday and there was a group of men there who shouted that they loved my glasses.

“I’m delighted it gave us that boost, we need that because we don’t have a phone vote here and need to be remembered.”

“I’m going to set up a site where people can vote for us online since we don’t have the phone vote in Ireland.

“People should tell their relatives in England and Scotland and Northern Ireland to vote for us, I grew up in Scotland so I’ll have hundreds of relatives voting for me there.

“It’s not to say that foreign acts can’t win – those beautiful shadow dancers (Hungarian act Attraction) won it a few years ago.

“I want to tap into the British vote in Britain, the Irish vote in Britain and the Irish vote in Ireland.”

Veronica is in her sixties and is retired from teaching after 21 years at Kilkenny Secondary School. However, she still travels from her home in Donegal for two weeks each month to coach the choir.

She also revealed that the choir has helped her through her own personal heartache, after her son Antony was killed in a tragic accident in America several years ago.

She explained: “Antony was in a coma for three months and during that time someone from the school called me every day to see how I was.

“I’ve had a tough few years and overcome tremendous trauma.

“The school and my love of music and the choir helped me through it.

“I’ve been devoted to the school and I’ll never get tired of teaching and I’ll never get tired of music.

“This is the pinnacle of my career and I can feel Antony on my shoulder every day, I feel he has orchestrated it all.”

All-girl Irish choir stun Britain’s Got Talent – see video.


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  1. Being curious as to why Simon was a bit smitten, and knowing how much he loved his Mother, I looked for some pictures of his mother, and, I think that there is a similarity in her face and manners that reminded him of his Mother, that caught his attention. Miss McCarron did a brilliant job of bringing those wonderful voices together 🙂

  2. John Crowley

    Well there you go, I never realised that Kilkenny was in Britain

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