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All-girl Irish choir stun Britain’s Got Talent

An all-girl Irish choir blew Simon Cowell and his fellow judges away with their outstanding harmonies and powerful performance.

Presentation School Choir Kilkenny sing an absolutely stunning rendition of U2’s With or Without You.

All-girl Irish choir Britain’s Got Talent

The girls appeared on Britain’s Got Talent and their performance raised the roof and had the judges in awe.

They were introduced by their leader Veronica McCarron. She said: “We know Simon loves choirs, and he loves Welsh choirs so we are here to present an Irish choir.”

Cowell then paid Veronica a compliment by telling her he liked her glasses and she looked “cute” which raised cheers and whistles from the audience.

The girls then performed and they absolutley smashed it with the judges grinning from ear to ear and the audience members on their feet.

The choir is made up from pupils at the all-girl convent school. The girls describe themselves as a community and they have competed in singing competitions across the country.

As Veronica said, Britain’s Got Talent has a history of choirs being successful. In 2012, a Welsh all-boys choir called Only Boys Aloud finished third in the show, behind opera singers Jonathan and Charlotte and winners Ashleigh her dancing dog Pudsey.

In 2015, another Welsh choir finished third, this time Côr Glanaethwy were beaten by magician Jamie Raven and another dog act with trainer Jules O’Dwyer and her dog Matisse.

Let’s hope our girls can go one better and claim the title in 2016. Below is another video of them performing, and also behind the scenes interviews.

With or Without You performed by the Presentation School Choir, Kilkenny

Here is a video of the girls explaining a bit more about the choir.

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  1. Watching this video makes me happy. A beautiful performance filled with joy and a great display of there love for what they are doing.

  2. Magic from a Kilkenny man in uk 51years

  3. Catherine starrs

    Awesome !!!!!!

  4. Gobsmacked with the talent on show from the Presentation girls choir from Kilkenny. Presentation in more than name, style, co-ordination, guts, finesse. Could go on and on. Behind every great choir is a great leader. Veronica McCarron take a bow. A beauty to behold in more ways than one (Simon was so right there) with charm and personalty fully displayed. Can see this choir going places with the cute Ronnie at the helm. Will take some topping these ladies in this year’s BGT!

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