If Irish girls were themselves on a date

How different would first dates be if women actually behaved like themselves?

Women, and men, the world over will admit that they don’t exactly behave like their usual selves the first time they meet a potential partner.

Instead, we really try to portray ourselves as thoughtful, interesting or even mysterious. Another common untruth is to exaggerate how interesting our lives are, our caring nature or wealth.

Well as we know, much of that stuff is total rubbish and is just done to try and impress.

If Irish girls were themselves on a date - funny video

The comedy team at Facts have created a YouTube video to tell the world what Irish women are really thinking when they go out with a man for the first time. It is certainly funny, and many of the elements will ring true to many women.

One woman forgets herself as she places her order from the menu: “I will just have the salad please, er actually can I get a side of the double cheeseburger and fries.”

Another, being totally truthful about her vanity and insecurities, said: “So am I really hotter than your ex? Don’t worry, I’ll spend tonight Facebooking her to find out!”

There is no doubt that women all over the world will recognise at least some of the traits in the video. Whether it makes you cringe or laugh is another matter!

On the other side of the table of course, it does little to boost a man’s confidence when he learns that girls don’t leave dates early because they get a phone call from an upset friend, but because they “couldn’t think of anything worse than spending time at your place tonight”.

Watch the video below.

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