Irish grannies speak ‘teenage slang’ – all for a great cause

Irish grannies translate teenage slang - all for a great cause

A video featuring Irish grannies speaking in ‘young person slang’ has caused a stir in the Irish media.

The four grannies appearing in the videos and were asked to translate words and phrases such as bae, swag and squad goals.

It is part of the 2015 promotion campaign for Innocent drinks who are hoping to raise awareness of the plight of older people in the winter.

Irish grannies translate teenage slang - all for a great cause

Innocent’s campaign sees them encouraging members of the Irish public to pick up their knitting needles and make a woolly hat.

They are urging both old and young people to give it a try. They hope experienced knitters will show what they can do and younger people will try their hand at a skill that may be new to them.

The campaign started in 2009 and so far the Irish public have done themselves proud. A staggering 390,000 hats have been knitted since the campaign began.

They have raised over €120,000 for Age Action in the past six years.

Hopefully Innocent’s humorous video will transcend the generation gap and encourage more younger people to get involved in a great cause.

Take a look at the video below.

For those that could do with some translations:

YOLO = You only live once
Swag = style
Bae = boyfriend/girlfriend/babe, stands for ‘Before anyone else’
Basic = a person with shallow/mainstream interests
Squad goals = a list of accomplishments for a group of friends to achieve in life.

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