Irish hotel owner hits out at 2019 ‘outrage culture’ – and receives a furious backlash

Paul Stenson, owner of the White Moose Café
Image: Facebook

An Irish hotel owner hit out at the modern outrage culture in a ‘satirical’ social media post – and received a furious backlash.

Paul Stenson, who owns Dublin’s White Moose Café, said that he was introducing a new policy that would see him put a ‘tax’ on customers who bring their ‘screaming children’.

Paul Stenson, owner of the White Moose Café

He posted the following message on the hotel’s Facebook page: “For the benefit of both staff and customers alike, we have taken the decision to impose a tax on children who scream.

“If we notice that your child is screaming, an automatic 15% surcharge will be applied to your bill

“For every further screaming child you have in your group, an additional 10% will be added. This charge will be capped at 4 children, in which case the entire group will be asked to leave.”

Inevitably, the post received a severe backlash, with many people taking what was said at face value and refusing or failing to see the funny side.

Stenson returned to social media to post about his experience.

He said: “Disgusting. Appalling. Disgraceful. These are all words used to describe a satirical post I made yesterday about taxing screaming children.

“10 years ago, people would have laughed at that post and moved on with their lives, but not today.

“In 2019, we need to search deeply to find a reason for our feelings to be hurt in some shape or form. The eyes of our people (particularly the millennials) are being carefully trained to detect a means by which we can become incessantly and needlessly offended.

“If we construct a world around us which is unnecessarily characterized as disgusting, appalling and disgraceful, rather than simply having a laugh, is there really any wonder why we live in such a depressed society?”

His second post struck a chord with many people, but opinion was still split down the middle.

Thousands of people liked the post and left positive comments. However, some people were infuriated and were sure to let him know.

One person said: “This is disgraceful. This place should be boycotted.”

Another added: “You’re a tool, I hope your business burns to the ground.”

Its not the first time that Stenson has created a social media storm. In 2018 he was involved in an online spat with a British ‘influencer’ who wanted a free stay in his hotel in exchange for being written about

It followed another Irish hotel owner who hit back at an American online reviewer who complained about the speed of the Wi-Fi in his Doolin Hotel.

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