Adorable birthday boy is so thrilled with his surprise puppy

Adorable birthday boy is so thrilled with his surprise puppy

An Irish birthday boy got the surprise of his life when he opened up a box to find an adorable puppy jumping out at him.

Tyler Robinson had always wanted a puppy of his own, and his mother Hazel decided that he was now ready to take on the responsibility of taking care of one.

Adorable little boy is so thrilled with his puppy

On his birthday morning, Tyler was given a bag of gifts by his mum, which were all clues to his present, which was waiting patiently in a box on the floor.

Tyler began sifting through his gifts from the bag, which included dog food, a dog bowl, a squeaky ball, a lead, and poop bags.

The youngster was bright enough to see where it was all leading and asked his mum: “Am I getting a dog?”

Not wanting to spoil the surprise Hazel encouraged him to read through his card, which offered further clues to Tyler.

Eventually, the birthday boy opened up the mystery box and out jumped Tails, the latest addition to the Robinson family.

Tyler was elated and the joy on his face was clear for all to see.

Hazel sent the video into to various Irish media outlets and Tyler and Tails are having their moment in the sun as the video is being shared across the internet.

Hazel revealed in a social media post that she felt Tyler had earnt his dream present, after working hard at school.

She posted: “So my boy Tyler has been having a little bit of a hard time in school. He’s had an assessment and is awaiting on a few more. He is having trouble socializing, severe dyslexia, along with a few other issues we are working on…

“I thought he deserved a treat as he’s been trying so hard, so here’s Tails the newest member of our house.”

Well done to Hazel, Tyler and of course Tails for bringing a little joy to the world. Take a look at the charming video below.

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