How honest are the Irish? These brave souls took the polygraph test

How honest are the Irish

Like all people, the Irish like to think of themselves as an honest bunch, but do they still tell the truth when they’re faced with an interrogation by their nearest and dearest?
Coffee shop chain Frank and Honest decided to put the Irish honesty to the test and invited their customers to take part in a polygraph test, with the questions been written and asked by their friends and family.

The participants were plugged up to the polygraph machine and quizzed by their coffee companions.
Some of the questions made for a few uncomfortable glances and nervous laughs.
For example, one woman asked her friend if she had ever fancied one of her boyfriends.
Similarly, one man asked his friend if he thought he was better at picking up women than him.
It wasn’t just friends and partners being put under the spotlight either, a mother and daughter also took part with the mother ramping up the pressure by asking her daughter: “Have you ever given a false reason why you can’t meet me?”
One hopeful man also asked his partner if she prefers him or Star Wars.
Take a look at the video to find out how honest these game participants were.

Written by Andrew Moore