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Guinness giving out beermat postcards so you can write while you drink

Guinness has teamed up with An Post to create beer mat postcards that drinkers can send to their loved ones from the comfort of their local pub.

The initiative will be rolled out across Ireland with more than 100 pubs taking part.

Guinness giving out beermat postcards so you can write while you drink

The scheme is beautifully simple. Patrons that purchase a pint of Guinness will also receive a complimentary beer mat.

While enjoying their drink, customers can take a moment to think about friends and family and jot down a message to send through the post.

Many of the pubs will even have a special postbox in the bar so the drinkers don’t even have to leave the comfort of their seat.

Christmas is a time when we all think of our friends and family that we may not have seen for a while.

Although modern apps and online tools make it easier than ever before to keep in touch, sometimes a nice personal message can be the best way to go.

So this beermat postcard idea is a great way to reach out to a loved one who you might not be able to see over the festive period.

For every postcard that is sent, Guinness has promised to make a donation to ALONE, which is a charity that works to ensure older people are not left isolated and lonely this Christmas.

Alan McAleenan of Guinness said: “The pub and the post office are part of the community in Ireland – especially at this time of year. Christmas is all about connecting with friends and family so we were delighted to work with An Post and ALONE to turn our Guinness beermats into Christmas cards to help consumers connect with friends and loved ones, at home and abroad.”

Garrett Bridgeman, Managing Director of Mails and Parcels at An Post, has added, “Christmas is An Post’s busiest time of year, when we are delivering cards and parcels, to and from loved ones round the world. The Guinness Postcard is another reminder to take a moment to send a special handwritten message, whether near or far this Christmas.”

Some of the pubs of Ireland that are taking part in the project include O’Connell’s, Co Galway, Toners and Bonobo of Dublin, Left Bank, Kilkenny and J. O’Connell’s pub in Meath.

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