Things Americans didn’t know about the Irish – great video from Washington YouTuber

An American YouTuber has created a great video about his time in Ireland in which he dispels a few myths that some Americans might think about the Irish.

Austin Sweeney of the YouTube channel SweeneyTV was due to live in Ireland for six months but ended up staying for a year.

He advises Americans on the different way Irish people use the English language with terms such as ‘your man’ and ‘what’s the craic?’

American YouTuber speaks about what Americans don't know about the Irish

He also reveals why you should never compliment a woman on her choice of pants.

Sweeney also says that not all Irish people fit the stereotype of the excitable outgoing fella who wants to go for a pint with you.

However, he did concede that most Irish people he met were happy to engage in deep and meaningful conversations without a huge amount of preliminary small talk.

He added that, while the Irish are slightly more reserved than he had initially expected, they are very witty.

He said: “They may not say as much but what they do say can be really funny.”

Sweeney loved the fact that Irish people take time to sit with each other and have a cup of tea or coffee with some biscuits.

He said: “I think its really cool when you have people over, and you can offer them tea and biscuits and sit down and have a chat. Its something I really want to bring back to Washington and try to make it a thing.”

Sweeney spoke about how much he enjoyed Irish sports such as Hurling and Gaelic Football and appealed to the Irish to give Ice Hockey a try.

Take a look at the video below.

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcallingJoin our community