Facebook page advises how to find the ideal Irish farmer husband

Facebook page helps women find the perfect Irish farmer husband

Three Irish women have set up a Facebook page to help women who want to become a farmer’s wife.

Farmer’s Daughters Blog’ features advice and tips for women who are interested in dating a farmer, as well dispelling some of the myths that city folk may have about rural life.
Facebook page helps women find the perfect Irish farmer husband
Carol Lawless, Rachel Daly and Shannon Kelly-Smith are all from farming backgrounds, and thought it was about time that the positive side of life on the farm was highlighted.
Their page is packed with comical pictures and comments, showing the lighter side of farming life. It also invites eligible bachelors to get in touch and promote themselves online. Alternatively, family and friends can nominate someone to be the ‘Farmer of the Day’, with involves a picture and a brief summary of his likes and dislikes.
The three women set up the page as a bit of fun, after being shocked by some of the misconceptions about farms held by people from cities.
Carol spoke to the Irish Examiner about the page: “I actually convinced a Dublin girl that there was no electricity in my house and we had to milk the cow every morning to have milk for breakfast cereal.”
However, Carol admitted that she wouldn’t personally want to marry a farmer because they work too hard, but Rachel is “only dying to catch one”.
Farming has been a key industry in Ireland for centuries. Exports of agricultural produce are worth billions of euros a year to the Irish economy.
This page is not the first time that the image of Irish farmers has been put in the spotlight. Each year, a topless charity calendar is produced by a group of farmers to raise money for countries in the developing world.
It was also revealed by a dating agency earlier in the year, that some Irish farmers have unrealistic expectations as to what type of woman they can attract, with some believe they could get a woman half their age because they ‘have land’.