Video – Irish best man’s hilarious song has guests in stitches

Irish best man’s hilarious song at his brother’s wedding reception

An Irish best man stole the show at his brother’s wedding reception when he produced a ukulele and delivered his speech in the form of a song.

Matt O’ Boyle had the wedding guests in stitches with his hilarious lyrics. Throughout the song, his brother Sean and his bride Caroline didn’t know what to expect next.

As the video starts, Caroline looks delighted and intrigued as her brother-in-law is about to start singing. Sean, on the other hand, is slightly more reserved as if he is wondering what he is about to be put through.

Irish best man’s hilarious song at his brother’s wedding reception

Matt has a cheeky grin on his face, seemingly enjoying his brother’s nervousness.

The song starts at the beginning of the couple’s relationship and describes how they first met.

It continues to recount moments in their relationship, and Matt makes sure there are a few verses that would leave his brother suitably embarrassed.

After making the groom squirm a little (and turn a worrying shade of red) the song turns out well in the end. Matt welcomes Caroline into the family and thanks Sean for ‘the cool new sister’.

Take a look at the video below.

It’s clear to see that Matt loves performing and is a great singer and songwriter. However, it’s no surprise he delivered such an entertaining speech as he is actually part of a musical duo with his friend Max Zangain.

The pair are in a band called Tebi Rex. The short description on their Facebook page reads: “A Black Kid who raps good… a Ginger Kid who sings great…Need I say more?”

Take a look at one of their YouTube videos below.

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