Colin Farrell speaks out against Catholic Church

Michael Kehoe

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8 Responses

  1. Emerald bay says:

    Well said ANGEL! BTW let’s be clear about that vote. 100% voting NEVER took place . A majority won only because 40% never voted probably because they would have voted NO so if they had only realized that every voted counted then a different outcome
    Would of occurred……the Irish gays need to get over themselves and if u want to be treated like everyone else then acted it instead of pushing ” your agenda” everywhere , heterosexuals don’t

  2. Kerry Bryan says:

    Marriage equality is not the issue in the debate regarding same sex marriage.
    I’m tired of the arguments from people who oppose same sex marriage , being silenced. All you hear in the media is pro opinions. All you hear about people who oppose it , is that they are religious lieunatics and old fashioned.
    Well I oppose same sex marriage and I am neither.

    Do I have to be a movie star to get my opinion heard?
    I am not homophobic or a bigot.
    The real issues of the consequences of legalising same sex marriage are also not debated in the media.
    These include the human right of a child to have a mother and a father, that is a male and a female. Do I have to spell it out.
    The world is going crazy.
    Religious freedom will be denied to people who oppose same sex marriage
    It is already happening! Wake up world!
    Where are my rights.

  3. Angel says:

    Absoultely!!! Because I do my best to follow the teachings of God (I notice your disrespect for God in your refusal to spell out His name). We are taught, in the Christian world anyway, that God hates the sin but loves the sinner. I do the same; there is no hate on my part for the sinner in any way, shape or form, but there is utter disgust for the depravity that is touted as the new “norm” by a few who dismiss the teachings in favor of what feels good at the moment.

    Furthermore, what goes on in your bedroom is your business, not mine and what goes on in my heterosexual bedroom is my business not yours. ‘Ever notice how heterosexuals don’t need to go around shouting from the rooftops that they’re straight? Whatever sexual inclination a person has shouldn’t need to be “governed”; that’s between you and your maker, not lawmakers.

  4. Tonee says:

    I think it’s fantastic that the majority of Irish citizens stood up in favor of equality! And screw the Catholic Church! Who the hell are they to tell anyone who they can have sex with?! Especially when it’s full of priests who love raping little boys! At least w/ most LGBT ppl it’s between 2 consenting adults!

  5. Marilyn says:

    Thanks angel clearly you are also some one we want to listen to. Listening to our own hearts is good enough. If you insist on being a hater so be it. I am not worried how my G-d will see me on my judgment day. Can you say the same?

  6. Jack Davenport says:

    Another Hollywood clown gone political. If he’s criticizing the Church, only fair that I call out his awful movies. And keep your clothes on, “Colin.” After all, you are a poor man’s Clooney.

  7. June Dunphy says:

    Sad to hear Ireland voted in favour of same sex marriage. Colin Farrell is happy for his brother but that does not make it ok! Rainbows everywhere doesn’t mean it is not a dark day for Ireland. We all know that anything goes nowadays so wonder when I can marry my cat? (not that I want to!)

  8. Angel says:

    How sad it is that Ireland, and the entire world, has blindly taken guidance from the Pope, and religious scholars who have made it their lives to study the teachings of God, for thousands of years. Thankfully, we now have Hollywood “elites” and various other “artists” to shame us into reality and teach us that what used to go on in our bedrooms is really supposed to governed by lawmakers and shouted to the world. Apparently, Sodom and Gomorrah was just a little piece of fiction thrown into the Bible for our amusement and God’s view of homosexuality being “an abomination” is a myth. How did humanity ever come so far before we had “progressives” around to set us straight (pun not intended)? Go away Pope, you’re no longer relevant.

    For those of you who didn’t catch it, that was sarcasm.

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