Plans for Dublin studios could attract biggest talent in Hollywood

Plans in place to build huge movie studios in Dublin. Photo copyright Thomas Wolf cc3

Dublin could soon be home to a world class movie studio complex that could attract some of the biggest talents in Hollywood.

Many iconic scenes from some of the decade’s most popular films and TV series – such as Star Wars and Game of Thrones – have been shot in Ireland.
The fans and stars of these productions from around the world have been in awe of the natural beauty of Ireland.
Plans in place to build huge movie studios in Dublin. Photo copyright Thomas Wolf cc3
It is thought to be a great time for the country to capitalise on the global interest. Building quality film studios would help to attract the world’s top talent to film here in the future.
The proposals are being developed by Windmill Lane Studios founder James Morris and film producer Alan Moloney.
Irish superstar Bono is in favour of the idea. The U2 singer lobbied the government to support the project and has also been in contact with major studios to promote the Irish location.
The project could directly provide around 2,800 jobs and another 2,800 could be created indirectly, according to reports in the Irish Times. The studios are set to be built on the former Irish Glass Bottle site at Ringsend which is around 80 acres in size.
There would be 180,000sq ft of studio space which would include a number of ‘sound stages’. A sound stage is a warehouse where sets are built and where the filming of scenes takes place.
There are currently plans in place to build around 3,000 homes in the area- which would be around 40 acres in size – but this would not interfere with the construction of the studio.
Morris and Moloney told the Irish Times: “We are delighted to have the support of Bono, who has been a tireless campaigner for the creative arts, for investment in Ireland – and has a global reputation in the creative industries. We should also point out that Bono has no financial interest whatsoever in this proposal.”
They said that Ireland needs to make sure it is ready to capitalise on the global interest of its beautiful natural resources.
“Ireland is now a very attractive location to produce television series and movies. Ireland needs the infrastructure to capitalise on the growth of the film and digital industries and the growing international success of Irish film-making talent.”