Maxi Taxi – Ireland's answer to Simon Cowell

Maxi Taxi - Ireland's answer to Simon Cowell

An Irish taxi driver is taking Facebook by storm after he set up a page on which he posts videos of some of Ireland’s best talents – all performing in his cab.
Mark Kavanagh aka Maxi Taxi has set up his own unique talent show with musicians, singers, storytellers and impressionists all showcasing their skills in his taxi. His catchphrase is: “The greatness keeps moving along!”Maxi Taxi - Ireland's answer to Simon Cowell
The performances are recorded by Maxi Taxi and posted online, and the response has been overwhelming.
Mark spoke to RTÉ about his unusual productions: “When you’re driving a taxi you hear some wonderful stories. And I just thought a lot of these wonderful stories were confined to the taxi.
“It all started when a guy told me a beautiful story about what he was doing and what he trying to achieve in his life and I said ‘Is it possible that I could put that up on my Facebook just to let everybody see this positive stuff and the whole thing just snowballed from there. People were getting into the taxi saying ‘Can we do a video? Can we do a video?’
The Maxi Taxi Facebook page has thousands of likes and many of the videos has been viewed by people all around the world.
One of the major success stories of Maxi Taxi is a musician named David Keenan. He sang a song while getting a ride home from Maxi Taxi. The video was viewed by thousands of people online.
Keenan explained that the video spread far further afield than he had ever expected. He said: “I just thought it would be like a local thing but the Irish diaspora abroad in America, Australia, and Canada just getting in touch saying it reminds them of home and for me it’s just so uplifting.”
Take a look at Keenan’s song below, and also several other talented Irish performers to have travelled with Maxi Taxi.

There are plenty more talented performers on the Maxi Taxi Facebook page.