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Young lad sings Grace so beautifully on the Late Late Show

A talented boy won the hearts of viewers in Ireland after he delivered a moving performance of the popular folk song Grace on the Late Late Show.

Denis Moroney wowed the audience with his pitch perfect rendition and his warm personality.

Young lad sings Grace so beautifully on the Late Late Show

The song Grace was made famous by Irish singer Jim McCann. It tells the heart-breaking story of the tragic romance between Easter Rising leader Joseph Mary Plunkett and his sweetheart Grace Gifford.

Plunkett was imprisoned for his role in the Rising, and married Gifford in jail, just hours before he was executed.

It is one of the most heart-breaking stories in Irish history as the lovers were separated by their fight for Irish freedom.

Young Denis definitely did the story and the song justice with his beautiful performance.

After the song host Ryan Tubridy joined Denis and congratulated him.

The youngster then revealed that his parents were not able to be there in the studio to watch him sing because they were taking their honeymoon in New York, “seven years late”.

Tubridy asked if they would be watching on TV but Denis said they had agreed to wait until they return so they could all watch it together.

Tubridy reassured the youngster that his efforts were much appreciated by him and his studio audience and told him “well for tonight we are all your mum and dad” which prompted another round of applause for the star singer.

Take a look at the brilliant performance below.

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