Ryanair employee reduced to tears by angry passenger

Ryanair employee reduced to tears by angry passenger

A woman who works for Irish airline Ryainair was reduced to tears by an irate passenger who spent several minutes criticising her as he filmed her on his mobile phone.

The incident took place in 2017 at a check in desk at Brussels Airport.

The dispute began when the passenger was told he needed to pay an extra €50 as he didn’t display his boarding pass.

Ryanair employee reduced to tears by angry passenger

The passenger believed he didn’t need a boarding pass as he had come in on a connecting flight. He pointed his phone at the check in lady and recorded his interactions with her – and other passengers.

As the video starts, the woman at the check in desk – named Sabrina – told the passenger that she would call security if the passenger didn’t stop.

He responded by saying that he wants to see her supervisor.

He told Sabrina: “You’re complete, total – what are you being? What are you being right now?”

“You tell me I have to pay 50 euros for a flight I’m already checked in on.

“I told you I didn’t come through the departure hall because I came on a connecting flight so I have to come directly here”

He accused her of having a bad attitude and teaching trainees to treat customers disrespectfully.

Before long another passenger came in to help Sabrina and try to calm the man down. He pointed out that with Ryanair you have to print your boarding pass.

However, this made the passenger’s mood even worse as he turned on the second man.

He said: “Tell her to print my boarding pass fatso. Lose some weight. Get on a treadmill man, go run a lap, go a diet, baldy – who the hell are you man?

“Go sit down fatso, rest your belly man. You need a brake you out of shape donut eating bald piece of crap. You’re nothing.”

At this point Sabrina started to cry and the passenger scoffed at her: “Oh now you’re now having an emotional breakdown?”

Take a look at the video below.

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