Bono named most undeserving of his knighthood according to British public

Bono named most undeserving of his knighthood according to British public

The British public have named Irish rock star Bono as the person least deserving of their honorary knighthood.

A survey of 2,000 people was carried out by television channel History and almost a quarter named the U2 frontman as the person they think should not have received the award.

Bono named most undeserving of his knighthood according to British public

Bono, real name Paul Hewson, has long been a character that splits opinion amongst the public.

Many admire him for his incredible music career and the tireless work he has done for humanitarian causes over the past few decades.

However, there are also many who dislike him, and perceive him as arrogant and self-congratulating in his work.
He was given an honorary knighthood in 2007 although as a non-British citizen he is not allowed to be called Sir.

Bono came top of the list of the most-underserving of the award according to the British public.

He was followed by businessman and star of the Apprentice Alan Sugar, model Twiggy, Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger and actress Emma Thompson.

The top ten were completed by singers Cliff Richard, Elton John and Bob Geldof, actress Barbara Windsor and dancer Darcey Bussell.

A spokesperson for TV channel History said: “In years gone by knights would fight on behalf of their country, so there was little question they deserved their title. But in modern celebrity culture who deserves such a high honour is subject to a lot more debate.”

Here are the top ten least deserving recipients of the knighthood and damehoods in order:

1. Bono 22%;
2. Alan Sugar 20%;
3. Twiggy 19%;
4. Mick Jagger 18%;
5. Emma Thompson 16%;
6. Cliff Richard 16%;
7. Barbara Windsor 16%;
8. Darcey Bussell 15%;
9. Elton John 15%;
10. Bob Geldof 14%.

The survey also asked the public which fictional characters they believed would be most deserving of a knighthood or damehood. Super suave spy James Bond topped the list that also included Mary Poppins, Harry Potter and Mr Bean.

1. James Bond 21%;
2. Sherlock Holmes 19%;
3. Mary Poppins 13%;
4. Harry Potter 11%;
5. Inspector Morse 11%;
6. Miss Marple 10%;
7. Mr Bean 9%;
8. Del Boy 9%;
9. Paddington Bear 8%;
10. Basil Fawlty 7%.

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