Irish magician can make chicken nuggets re-appear!

Irish magician can make chicken nuggets re-appear!

Irish magician Joel M showed off possibly his most impressive trick to date – he can eat a chicken nugget and then make it re-appear!

The young star’s tricks are always puzzling and he has a way of delivering the wow factor with a casual swagger, but surely this is the trick we all want to know how he does.

Irish magician can make chicken nuggets re-appear!

Joel was in a branch of McDonald’s and ran around performing logic-defying tricks using the food and materials before flashing the camera his trademark grin and moving on to the next trick.

In the short video he shows the camera a normal McDonald’s drinks cup and tells the viewer to keep their eyes on it. Then, with a quick flash of his hands the cup has been transformed into a McFlurry, and of course he eats a scoop of the delicious ice-cream to show off his abilities.

Joel then shows a box of chicken nuggets and removes the last two and places them on the table. A quick click of his fingers later, he opens the box to reveal it has been fully restocked with six delicious nuggets.

Just what else can this guy do?

Well plenty, as the video also sees Joel M pierce a hole through a plastic bottle lid with his finger, move a straw with only the power of his mind, take a bit of a delicious burger only for it to regenerate back so he can take the same bite over and over again.

He then performs the same trick on a chicken nugget, so he can not only make them re-appear once they have been eaten, he can see a bitten nugget return to its complete form.

Is it just us who would love to go out for a meal with Joel?

He also shows off various other tricks, defying the laws of logic and reason.

Take a look at the video below, anyone else feeling hungry now?

If you want to find out more about Joel M, see more of his incredible videos, or book him for an event then visit his Facebook page.

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