Beautifully refurbished Irish farmhouse in affluent Dublin suburb – take a look inside

Donnybrook farmhouse

A beautiful Georgian farmhouse in Donnybrook that dates back to 1740 underwent a significant refurb in 2019.

It is one of the oldest houses in the area and was valued at €1.85m following the extensive work.

the farmhouse was originally in a rural area, surrounded by cattle but it now stands in one of the most affluent areas of Dublin.

The owner purchased the property in 2015 for just over €1m and put it through an extensive refurb, with a fig tree in the garden being a key inspiration for the designer.

Much of the work was painstakingly done by hand due to the fact that the property is a listed building and the use of power tools was prohibited in certain areas of the house.

The owner said: “Because of this, there were parts of the house where we could not use power tools, and the stairs had to be sanded by hand.”

Along with the designers, the owner thought long and hard about how best to utilise the natural light.

Inspired by the fig tree, they decided to build an interior courtyard.

The owner said: “Initially I had thought about gutting the garden, [which now even post extension stretches to over 100 feet], but after looking out at that fig tree over the year, I knew it was going to play a fundamental part of how it would all fit.”

Inside, the building has four bedrooms, two reception rooms and a large family bathroom.

Take a look at the pictures below.

For more information visit DNG estate agents.

Donnybrook farmhouse living room

Donnybrook farmhouse living room table

Donnybrook farmhouse front room

Donnybrook farmhouse fireplace

Donnybrook farmhouse kitchen

Donnybrook farmhouse dining room

Donnybrook farmhouse dining table

Donnybrook farmhouse stairs

Donnybrook farmhouse bedroom

Donnybrook farmhouse second bedroom

Donnybrook farmhouse third bedroom

Donnybrook farmhouse bathroom

Donnybrook farmhouse central courtyard outside

Donnybrook farmhouse central courtyard

Donnybrook farmhouse back garden

Donnybrook farmhouse back garden lawn

Donnybrook farmhouse patio

Donnybrook farmhouse outside table

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