Priest posts hilarious response to anonymous late night ‘sexy text’

Priest posts hilarious response to anonymous late night ‘sexy text’

A priest posted an hilarious response to a ‘sexy text’ that was sent to his mobile by mistake.

Late on Saturday evening Father Simon Rundell from Plymouth heard his phone beep and saw he had received a text message.

Priest posts hilarious response to anonymous late night ‘sexy text’

It read: ‘U ok sexy? Are u in work tomorrow? X’

Not one to be rude, Father Simon responded the following morning.

He wrote: “Yes, I’m saying Mass at 9.30 & 11.15, but I’m guessing you didn’t intend to text a priest on this one. Fr Simon.”

The priest then posted a screenshot of the unlikely exchange on his Twitter feed, much to the delight and amusement of his 3,600 followers.

He received plenty of feedback online. One person tweeted: “At least they didn’t go on to ask what you were wearing. Well, as it will be the first Sunday after Trinity…..”

Another Twitter user gave Father Simon a compliment, writing: “Maybe it was meant for you. No reason why someone can’t think you are sexy father.”

However, there will be no blossoming romance between Father Simon and the mystery texter.

The priest posted on Twitter: “Turns out the texter was not my type: a bloke.”

The comical exchange has proved hugely popular online, with Father Simon’s original tweet being liked more than 3,000 times and retweeted nearly a thousand times.

Father Simon describes himself as an iPriest on his Twitter profile and realised the importance of social media and new technology when it comes to reaching out to younger people.

He has been known in the past to take prayer requests from Twitter while serving his parishes in Plymouth.

He is certainly proving his worth in his role as the ‘Self-appointed Apostle to the Twittersphere’.

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Written by Andrew Moore