Americans try to pronounce Irish names

Americans try to pronounce Irish names

A group of young Americans proved to be great sports as they were given a seemingly easy task of trying to pronounce a few Irish names – and found it far more difficult than they expected.

The hilarious video also featured an Irish person pronouncing the names correctly, much to the surprise of the Americans taking part.

While many countries across the world share the English language, there is one aspect of Irish culture that our foreign cousins just cannot get their heads around.

Americans try to pronounce Irish names

That is, of course, Irish names. While many Irish people have names that are popular all over the world, plenty more have names that are pretty much exclusive to Ireland.

As such, they are not spelt in a way that is easy to understand by following the English alphabet.

Internet publishers BuzzFeed have released a video of some American youngsters attempting to pronounce some of the most popular Irish names including Tadgh, Saoirse, Eoghan and Niamh.

You might expect them to get it horribly wrong but they put in a good effort and some were actually pretty close.

However, they still found it very difficult and were often wide of the mark. After a few names they started to become suspicious.

When asked to pronounce Mairéad one said: “It looks like my-reed but it’s probably Vera!”

One girl became ever more bamboozled and eventually said: “I don’t even know what A’s are anymore.”

Take a look at the video below.

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