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Video histories of popular Irish names

Our articles on the stories behind Irish names have proved so popular that we’ve turned some of them into videos featuring music and wonderful graphics.

Click on the images below to see read our articles and see the videos.

Don’t worry if your name isn’t there yet. We’re adding more just as quickly as we can.

If your name isn’t here, check out our main Irish names page – it may have an article featuring your name. Lots more being added all the time.

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  1. How can Kent not be among the names of popular Irish names. Two men, sir named Kent, were executed for their participation in the Easter 1916 uprising. Thomas Kent of Cork was executed and the train station in Cork city is named Kent in his honor. The other is Edward Thomas Kent, who changed his name to the Gaelic Eamonn Ceannt when he joined the Brotherhood, signed the 1916 document of independence. He was executed May 8th, 1916.

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