Irish people also struggle to pronounce traditional Irish names

Many Irish people can't pronounce traditional Irish names

Over the last month or so there has been plenty of publicity about the fact that is if difficult for non-Irish people to pronounce Irish names.

There have even been several funny videos of people from other countries giving it a go – we’ve published some ourselves. Check out Americans pronounce Irish names and also Australian and British girls try to pronounce Irish names.

Well perhaps our overseas friends shouldn’t feel quite so bad as it turns out that many Irish people can’t pronounce traditional Irish names either!

Many Irish people can't pronounce traditional Irish names

A new video from internet stars Facts features Irish people with those ‘difficult’ names that have given the Americans, Brits and Aussies so much trouble, including Bláithín, Gráinne, Tadgh and Caitríona.

In the video they talk about how everywhere they go, they encounter people who are unable to pronounce their name.

Bláithín says that while she didn’t dislike her name growing up she didn’t like how complicated it made things.

They all agreed that people they met had difficulty understanding their name when they heard it for the first time. They would usually have to repeat it or use a similar sounding word as a reference point.

Gráinne said that she now appreciates her name as it is more unusual than names of girls she went to school with such as Sarah and Laura.

Take a look at the video below.

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