American tourists write glowing post after bonding with their Irish AirBnB hosts

Irish AirBnB hosts

A Cork couple were such good hosts for their American guests that they went viral after the visitors posted a glowing review on Twitter.

Charlie Clarke, 64, and his wife Ursula, 60 listed rooms in their house on AirBnB as part of a plan to raise a bit of extra money for their retirement.

Two of their first guests were Kentucky women Ryan and Lacey.

Irish AirBnB hosts

They were so impressed with their hosts’ hospitality that Ryan wrote a twitter thread about their experience.

From being picked up at the airport, to taking them out for pizza, to giving them a hot water bottle to passing on relationship advice, Charlie and Ursula made a fine impression on their guests.

Ryan ended the thread by saying: “So if you ever find yourself in Cork, Ireland lmk and I’ll hook you up with my pals.”

Charlie became aware of the thread after a colleague told him he had gone viral.

He told Cork Beo: “We had these two girls coming over from America and they left on the Sunday and it was Wednesday when a colleague of mine sent me this Twitter thread.

“I made a little sign with shamrocks on it and one of their names and brought them back to the house.

“They were starving after a long day so we brought them to Dominos for something, then the next day we dropped them into town and off they went sight-seeing.

“It was kind of cold that night so we put some hot water bottles into their room which they seemed to think were great, I don’t think they’d ever seen one before.

“And for their final day a friend of ours dropped them off to some of the other places they wanted to see.

“They’re in our home so it is hard to be detached, they were happy to engage with us and they really were very lovely.

“We didn’t think we were doing anything special but now it’s a matter of maximising it while we can.”

Charlie and Ursula are hoping that hosting visitors will become a regular occurrence.

Charlie said: “If I can build this up, well that’s what I’m trying to do. I’m not ready to retire yet so this is good to keep me going and keep the revenue coming in.

“Our children, two boys and a girl, are up and gone so we have room now. We used to take students occasionally but this is what I’m going to try and do from now on.

“From none in January we have had four bookings so far so hopefully it keeps going.”


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