Boyzone singer admits he can’t party like he used to

Boyzone singer admits he can’t party like he used to

Boyzone star Keith Duffy has said that he has now given up the party lifestyle as he can’t deal with the hangovers anymore.

The Dublin singer has re-joined his Boyzone bandmates as the group have got back together for a reunion tour.

Boyzone singer admits he can’t party like he used to

However, unlike in their heyday, the lads are now happier taking things slowly when it comes to the party lifestyle.
Duffy said: “Back in the 90s we were partying every night, nowadays we tend to just go for a nice steak and a glass of wine.

“We have the odd mad night but we’re all doing a lot more singing now and we’re all doing lead vocals.”

The 44-year-old also added that the rise of smartphones and social media have made it important to keep a dignified image when out in public.

“Hangovers aren’t worth it anymore, there’s nothing we haven’t seen after 12 o’clock before.

“Anxiety is a common thing now, maybe it’s with social media you have the fear, you got drunk or let yourself down and someone gets a photo of it and it’s on social media.

“My son Jay is 23 now and I know after a good night out he has the fear the next day.”

As well as the Boyzone reunion tour, Duffy has also been performing with former Westlife singer Brian McFadden, under the combined name of Boyzlife.

He explained that he is enjoying the contrast of the two types of performances with each respected act.

“It’s all very superstardom with Boyzone playing the big arenas but myself and Brian do smaller more intimate venues.

“To come back with Boyzone 26 years later and to do a big arena tour all over the world, from Australia to Europe to South East Asia, has just been absolutely phenomenal.”

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