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Saoirse Ronan has written a song to help us pronounce her name

Hollywood superstar Saoirse Ronan performed a great comedy song about her Irish name as she hosted Saturday Night Live in America.

The Lady Bird actress welcomed the crowd by joking that she was thrilled to be hosting the St Patrick’s Day episode, just a couple of months early.

Saoirse Ronan has written a song to help us pronounce her name

She then explained that she is “very Irish” and that her name is so Irish that it is “spelt wrong” and has “too many vowels”.

She explained that to help people understand how to pronounce her name, she had written a little song when she was a girl.

She went on to perform the jingle with the help from her guests.

The video was a huge hit with the American audience and is proving to be equally successful online. Take a look for yourself below.

Ronan did a great job hosting the show, and took part in several of the skits alongside the more established comedy performers.

It was just another sign that she is on her way to the top as she grows in confidence and maturity in the spotlight.

Ronan looked comfortable throughout which is remarkable when you consider she is still just 23 and was hosting one of America’s biggest entertainment shows for the first time.

There were also a few skits that Ronan performed in alongside her guests.

One pokes fun at the Irish airline Aer Lingus, while the other is a spoof reality TV series about a group of youngsters having to survive a hurricane.

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