Revival of Irish art from 19th century

High Cross and round tower at Monasterboice. Photo copyright Kevin King CC2

Although the Norman Invasion in 1169 brought about the end of Celtic Art, it experienced a revival in the 19th century.

Irish Art
Roman Influence on Irish art
Vikings –destroyers and creators of Irish art

Spurred on by a sense of nationalism, new interests in Irish culture, myth and folklore began to develop in literature and art and design.

High Cross and round tower at Monasterboice. Photo copyright Kevin King CC2. Image Ireland Calling

Celtic Crosses could once again be seen sprouting up all over the Western World and anything from jewellery to townhouses were being adorned with beautiful intertwining knots and plaits.

Celtic Cross pendant. Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Art Nouveaux movement influenced by early Celtic design

The Art Nouveaux movement of the early 20th century was greatly influenced by early Celtic design. American Irish designer Thomas A. O’Shaughnessy (an Irish American Celtic Revival designer) used this Celtic inspired style to create the beautiful stained glass windows of Old St Patrick’s Church in Chicago.

Stained glass in St Patrick's Church, Chicago
Stained glass in St Patrick’s Church, Chicago

Even Louis Sullivan, the father of the modern skyscraper incorporated Celtic design in his architecture bringing Celtic Art into the modern world.

This modern Celtic design has developed into the popular art seen today in many forms from painting to spiritualism to cyber culture to tattoo art.

Celtic Art enjoys on-going popularity, not just because of its stunning visual qualities but also due to the mysticism, folklore and symbolism surrounding it.

Bayard Building
Bayard Building
Celtic Tattoo
Celtic Heart. Image Copyright - Ireland Calling
Celtic heart

Irish Art
Roman Influence on Irish art
Vikings –destroyers and creators of Irish art
Irish art revival from 19th century

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Roman Influence on Irish art

Revival of Irish art from 19th century

The Vikings – destroyers and creators of Irish art

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