What are the most common misconceptions about Ireland?

puzzled red haired woman

For centuries Irish people have travelled across seas and oceans in search of pastures new. As a result, there are millions of people with Irish heritage all over the world.

With numerous generations of emigrants having so many stories to tell, its no surprise that various preconceptions about the old country have developed.

However, time never stands still, and as the years have passed many of the notions of the Ireland that our ancestors left behind have changed with the times – if they were ever all that accurate to begin with.

puzzled red haired woman

We wondered what are the biggest and most common misconceptions about Ireland?

Thankfully, a user of the question and answer site Quora put that very question across to the public.

Here are some of the best answers:

William Murphy said: “According to Boris Johnson everyone in Ireland is called Murphy [which is my name]. Despite the fact that Murphy is the most common name in Ireland I know very few Murphys outside my extended family and in reality there are more Regans than Murphys within my extended family. Here in Dublin Byrne is more common.”

John Mallon posted: “That we are a bit lazy, slow or even thick. In reality, we are one of the most educated hard-working peoples on earth and we value that highly. We have the fastest internet connections in Europe.”

Diarmaid Mac Aonghusa added: “That all of Ireland is part of the UK. It’s not, only Northern Ireland remains so (for now).”

Hamish O’Cahan answered: “That everyone searches for pots of gold when they see a rainbow.”

Finally, with the slightest hint of sarcasm, Fergal Collins said: “Me leprechaun friend Seamus O ‘ Looney is watchin Riverdance in the pub before mass. Took to the bed with whiskey cause the wife had a cailin baby called bridgid.

“Me and me farmer friends married a turf cuttin ginger haired girl in O’ Potatoes pub not far from the town of the little potato.”


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