It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia want Irish lookalike of Danny DeVito

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia want Irish lookalike of Danny DeVito

The producers of hit comedy show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia are on the lookout for an Irish lookalike of Danny DeVito.

The acting legend plays Frank Reynolds in the comedy series and the latest plotline sees him travel to Ireland with his friends.

The antics of the gang at Paddy’s Pub has earnt the show a huge following. The immoral and overconfident nature of Dennis, Mac, Charlie, ‘Sweet’ Dee and Frank has had viewers both shocked and in stitches for the past 14 seasons.

The writers continuously search for fresh ideas for the gangs’ latest schemes. Although, it has not been announced, a possible plotline is that Frank has discovered he has a long-lost son and travels to Ireland to find him.

Why else would the producers be looking for a Danny DeVito lookalike in Ireland?

If that is the case, then the episode is sure to deliver the top-class comedy that fans have come to expect from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

There is an unusual relationship between the main characters in the show and many can stake a claim on Frank’s vast wealth when he dies.

Dennis and Dee were raised by Frank and his late wife and always believed they were his biological children, although they state he was a terrible father. However, in an earlier episode it was revealed that Dennis and Dee’s mother had an affair and they were actually fathered by another man, the kind and generous Bruce Mathers. Upon meeting his long-lost children, Bruce quickly saw them for the money-grabbing selfish people they are and disowned them.

Frank’s best friend Charlie, with whom he lives in squalor and shares a futon mattress, could actually be his biological son after it was revealed that Frank had a relationship with Charlie’s mother years ago. Frank has always denied he is Charlie’s father but also refused to have a blood test to confirm it either way.

If there is to be a long-lost Irish son of Frank thrown into the mix too, he should not be expecting a warm welcome from the rest of the gang as they compete to be first in line for his fortune, and in Charlie’s case, his affection.

Finding someone who could portray Frank’s son in the show may not be easy, as actor Danny DeVito has a rather unique look, standing at only 4ft 10 inches tall.

In fact, in an ongoing joke in the show, Frank is nicknamed ‘the Warthog’ by his business associates dude to his short and stocky stature and his hard-nosed, ruthless aggression when striking deals.

The producers are making a last-gasp attempt to find an Irish lookalike as filming is due to begin soon on the Emerald Isle.