Ginger people read out the cruellest of ginger jokes

Ginger people read out the cruellest of ginger jokes

The team at Irish YouTube channel FACTS have come up with a slightly unsettling video in which they get red headed people to read out some of the cruellest ginger jokes we have ever heard.
Some of the jokes are totally heartless as they attack the poor gingers, and be warned some of them do contain mild adult themes.Ginger people read out the cruellest of ginger jokes
Unfortunately, theses ‘jokes’ will not be new to many redheads around the world, with thousands being subjected to abuse and bullying because of the colour of their hair, particularly during their school years.
In this video, the Irish redheads read out the cruel jibes and highlight just how mean and nasty they can be.
Take a look at the video below.

On a more positive note for red haired people, the comments underneath the YouTube video were mostly complimentary to the women on screen, with one man saying “gingers are the hottest”.
They also raised the question of whether ginger males are more likely to be subjected to bullying than ginger females.
Thankfully, in recent times the abuse of ginger people has lessened and a more celebratory attitude has come to the fore.
This summer, thousands of redheaded people, and those who appreciate redheads, descended on Cork for the Annual Redhead Convention, which has now been running for several years.
Activities included a carrot throwing competition and the crowning of the ‘Ginger King and Queen’.
Redheaded comedians have also poked fun at the ridiculous discrimination suffered by gingers. Australian comedian Tim Minchin wrote a hilarious comedy song about redheads named ‘Prejudice’ and British comedian Catherine Tate wrote a comical sketch about a woman having to go to a ginger shelter to be safe from the public.