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Irish islands are far cheaper than you’d think

If you have ever dreamed of owning your own island, you might be surprised to learn that the ones around the Irish mainland are far cheaper than you’d think.

There are several islands available to buy for the price of an average sized home in a modern city. One of them was once owned by John Lennon.

Be warned through – these islands are perhaps not for those who have come to value such luxuries as central heating, wifi and electricity.

Irish islands - Available to buy for cheaper than you might think Take a look at some islands on the market

The prices vary depending on the size of the island and what exactly they come with.

However, if you have ever wondered what it might be like to own an island off the Irish coast then take a look at what is currently on the market.
Inishbigger Island – €75,000

For a mere €75,000 this 13 acre island off the coast of Connemara could be yours. The island is underdeveloped with no current or previous structures built.

However, it is grazing peat land and has great views of the ocean and the mainland. It is also not too far from Ireland’s ‘most romantic city’ Galway.

Strong swimmers might even try swimming the 200 metres to the mainland.

Inishbigger Island
Inishbigger Island

Mannions Island – €150,000

The tiny Mannions Island is only four acres in size and has no buildings or ruins. However, it could be a great place for somebody with a plan to create something special.

It is only 200 metres away from the West Cork coast, so the big city is not too far away if you want a break from the island solitude.

Mannions Island
Mannions Island

Staff Island – €169,000

The 10 and a quarter acre Staff Island is off the coast of Upper Lough Erne near Knockninny, Co Fermanagh. It is entirely covered in unique flora and fauna.

Staff Island
Staff Island

Dornish island €300,000

Dornish Island, of the coast of Co Mayo, can boast John Lennon as one of its former owners.

There are stunning views that reach out into the Atlantic Ocean from the 19 acre island, The famous Croagh Patrick Mountain is also visible.

Dorinish Island
Dorinish Island

Shore Island – €825,000

Shore Island is 30 acres in size and is used for the grazing of cattle. There are also a number of ruins on the island.

It is located around half a mile off the Co Clare coastline on the Shannon Estuary between Limerick and Clare.

Shore Island
Shore Island

Mermaid Isle – €2,950,000

At the higher end of the scale is Mermaid Isle off the Co Kerry Coast. It might not be the biggest of the islands – but it comes with its own mansion.
A 12 acre site includes a six bedroom house.

There is also another 13 acres based on Illaundrane & Mermaid Isle. It is in Kenmare Bay, off the beautiful Co Kerry coast.

Mermaid Isle
Mermaid Isle

For more information check out Private Islands Online

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