Stranded dolphins dragged back into sea by beachgoers

A school of dolphins were rescued by a group of good samaritans after they got stranded on a beach by an outgoing tide in Brazil.

Stranded dolphins dragged back into sea by beachgoers
The people watched as the school of around 30 swam closer and closer to the shore until they became beached. A trio of lifeguards stepped forward to try and push the dolphins back into the deeper water, and several more bystanders also pitched in.
The men struggled to help the mammals at first, unsure of the best way to move them. That was until one man discovered the best technique was to grab hold of the tail and walk backwards into the deep. The others followed suit and within minutes all the dolphins had been dragged back into the safety of the open sea.
The crowd then celebrated the rescue mission with cheers and applause.
The whole sequence lasted little more than four minutes and was captured on video by someone stood on the beach.
Watch the uplifting YouTube video below.