Daredevil cliff divers leap into ‘Serpent’s Lair’

The Aran Islands played host to thrill seeking divers from all around the world this weekend as the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series came to Ireland.

Daredevil cliff divers leap into ‘Serpent’s Lair’
The divers needed nerves of steel as they leapt from a 90ft cliff on the shores of Inis Mór, into the naturally formed pool below, known as Serpent’s Lair.
More than three thousand spectators came out to enjoy the spectacular show in the glorious sunshine. The Red Bull Cliff Diving Series moves all around the globe, with the competitors launching themselves from cliff tops in a different country each week. The athletes all head off this week to the next diving venue in Norway .
The winner of the Irish competition was British diver Gary Hunt, improving on his six-placed finish from his last visit to Inis Mór. Hunt admitted it is pretty frightening when you are stood at the top off the cliff, peering over the edge to try and see the rippling waters of Serpent’s Lair: “It’s a tough location because all you can see is rock… it’s just a scary place to dive.”
Watch the official Red Bull YouTube video of the highlights of the event below.