International students invited to spend summer in Ireland

International students invited to spend summer in Ireland

International students are being invited to spend the summer in Ireland learning about the rich history and heritage of the country.

The academic opportunity is being offered by Stony Brook University with the four-week summer course spanning across much of Ireland before concluding in London.

International students invited to spend summer in Ireland

The website’s description of the course is below.

The history of Ireland and England have always been uniquely connected. The Republic of Ireland separated from the United Kingdom and gained its independence in 1921. The current relationship between the countries reflects their shared history. The two countries remain closely connected due to their close geographical proximity, shared history and culture, and the high level of trade between the two states.

Students will explore Ireland for three weeks. Beginning their exploration in the Aran islands and Galway, students will head north up the coastline and stopping in the city of Dublin. Through visits to Gaelic language areas, cliffs and castles, cathedrals and tombs, fortresses and museums, mountains and more, students will explore the vibrant history, culture, and landscape of Ireland. Then the group will travel to Northern Wales to visit a beautiful area steeped in Welsh culture and local history. They will stop by the largest National Park which boasts not only the highest mountain in England and Wales, but also the largest natural lake. The trip will wrap up in London, England where students will spend close to one week exploring the city’s cultural and historical sites as well as studying its environment. Excursions will include the Tower of London and Westminster as well as touring The Making of Harry Potter.

The course price includes hotels and/or dorm-style accommodation for the duration of the study.

It will run from July 6 – August 3, 2020. Interested students must have their application in by 15th March.

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