Comedy legend Billy Connolly says he has retired from comedy – and is pursuing a new passion

Billy Connolly

Comedy legend Billy Connolly has announced that he has performed his last ever show and is retiring from stand-up.

The Scottish star has been a favourite with comedy fans across the world for decades and the news will be bittersweet.

It is sad that we will never see him onstage again, but, at the age of 77, it is good to see him retire from touring and spend some time with his loved ones.

Billy Connolly

Connolly told Sky News: “I’m finished with stand-up – it was lovely and it was lovely being good at it. It was the first thing I was ever good at.”

The star has been suffering from Parkinson’s disease for several years but has stated in the past that he never wanted to be defined by the illness.

He said: “I’m always being asked to go to Parkinson’s things and spend time with Parkinson’s people, having lunch or something like that. And I don’t approve of it.

“I don’t think you should let Parkinson’s define you and all your pals be Parkinson’s people. I don’t think it’s particularly good for you. So I don’t do it.

“I get upset. Because certain things go wrong, your brain goes adrift and affects your body, and so you walk differently, you walk like a drunk man sometimes. And you’re frightened you’ll be judged on it. And you shake sometimes.

“Sometimes you can’t get your money into your wallet… your change, and, the waiter has to take it from you and put it in.”

Connolly has also revealed that he is spending more time on another of his passions – painting. He was speaking at the launch of his art project Born On A Rainy Day.

He spoke about his artwork, saying: “It’s just not the kind of thing that people like me do.

“I like drawing whatever comes into my head. I start at the bottom of the page and work my way up. I often don’t know what it’s going to be. I like to start with feet, and then go up to the knees.

“I don’t know if it’s going to be a man or a woman yet, but as I’m going up the thighs I have to make my mind up quick. And then it becomes whatever is going to be.”

Connolly has also said that the public should stop listening to politicians and start listening to comedians.